The ultimate challenge must be to do it twice in a row so that’s exactly what I’m going

Yes I did it! The ultimate challenge twice in a row. I started with the 11 city tour NON-stop which means 220 kms of paddling through Duch canals, in one go without stopping. This year directly after the NON-stop I joined the second race with the all-tour athletes where you paddle the 220 kms in 5 days.

After doing last year the 5 days in a row I decided this year to challenge myself by adding the NON-stop before doing the 5 days. This year we had probably the roughest weather conditions ever since the 11-city. It was extremely windy, choppy and even lighting came along. It has been a hell of a (sometimes sweet) ride but even with my hands wrapped in blisters I would still do it all over.

Please stay tuned cause I will start to prepare crossing the Nord Sea alone by paddle board from Vinkeveen to England.

I would like to thank my main sponsor #Naish and my co-sponsors #Prolimit#Skins #obrien #glogglz #blsoutdoor #ospreyaction #urbanbeach#Amstelboathouse #EqualYoga

I would also like to thank Wijpkje Posthumus & Klaas Klomp for their awesome hospitality during the 5 days.

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