My specialist team who helps me before and during all the extreme SUP adventures.


Bart de Zwart technical advisor 

Bart de Zwart AKA Mr.Endurance is Dutch but has been living in Hawaii for 17 years. He started as a windsurfer and had several windsurf centers in Greece and Venezuela before settling in Maui. After he sailed around the world he became a Starboard Dream team rider and has been on that team for 8 years. He has won the 11-city tour, 4 times and is well know for his Ultra long distance races, expeditions and open ocean crossing in all continents of the world. 24hr SUP distance record holder and 2 time winner of world’s longest race the Yukon River Quest



Stephane Lerat – Coach & Specialist in sea survival

Stephane Lerat. 47 years old. French. Over 20 years as Coastguard Helicopter Rescue Swimmer. Professional diver. France, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and currently Netherlands. Over 200 rescue missions.  Specialist in Sea Survival and Rescue. Stephane will train Alex to optimize his survival skills. Stephane will also be part of Alex his support team during the Nort sea cross. 





Elizabeth Kerrebijn Yoga & Mobility Coach

Having taught classes in the Himalayas after her 500-hour teacher training, she now loves to put the power into yoga back in Amsterdam.
To stay inspired and to keep studying, she travels yearly back to India. The mother of yoga and ayurveda. Breath, focus and steadiness are the key elements. Elizabeth will  make sure Alex his joints stay lubricated and his muscles stays long and lean.






Team mate Yukon 100 miles.

Tony grew up on farms and stations in high country New Zealand which drove an early interest in the outdoors. Rugby played a massive part of in his early sporting life, right from his early rugby he represented his region, this continued right through to his early 20’s when he left to travel the world.  Adventure, travel and exploring have always been a big part of his life, always looking around the next corner.

He took up SUP in 2012 when a group of friends approach him to support them on a river SUP Expedition as I had a lot more river experience then them.  The subsequent journey from the Source of the Severn River in Mid Wales to the Sea near Bristol was what turned him from Kayaking to Stand Up Paddleboarding and he hasn’t looked behind since.

Not really into racing, but loves to paddle all day. It doesn’t really matter what he paddles, from SUP, to Coracles (traditional Celtic Boat made of bend sticks and fabric hide), Bathtubs to Wheelie bins.  Tony Runs a small water activities business in North Wales that inspires  young and old to try water activities with uniquely alternative water equipment.

Since then he has journeyed twice across Scotland on a SUP, once as a 4 day exped and once as a nonstop challenge paddle, became the first person to circumnavigate the Isle of Anglesey non stop off the North Coast of Wales.

His most favourite SUP exped adventure would be the 4 days on the Clutha River in New Zealand. The Clutha has an enviable nickname, “The Widowmaker” named by the gold miners of the period, as if you fell in this river in the gold rush days you never got out, the swiftest river with the largest flow volume in New Zealand, it would carry you away.

He has been to the Yukon before for SUP and really loved it. He’s looking forward to the returning for the Yukon 1000. He loves to send all day SUPping so this paddle will be right up his street or should we say River.